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  • REMIX | Kiss & Make Up
  • PRODUCTION | Breathe Without Me
  • REMIX | My Infatuation
  • REMIX | Beter and Better
  • PRODUCTION | Cosmic
  • PRODUCTION | Metrosonic

My Studio

dance / edm music production
Hi - I'm Andy Sikorski and I produce, remix, compose, and record at my personal studio, Melodylab, located in sunny South Florida, USA. You can find my music in collaborations, TV music placements, music compilations, and video game soundtracks -- just Google my name. If you need a dependable remixer/producer to take your song to the next level, tell me about your project below.


about Andy Sikorski

I love your remixes for "My Infatuation

Melza Jordan
Melza JordanMusic producer

[...] we are extremely happy with the remix and delighted to have found you guys!

Paul Varney
Paul VarneySongwriter/Producer | Former Yell! singer

Fabulous! You rocked it again Andy!!

Kristine W
Kristine WInternational Recording Artist, 17 Billboard Dance Charts

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