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About  Me

Andy Sikorski has been immersed in dance music production before the EDM phrase has been coined. Having grown up around diverse music influences ranging from death metal, classical masterpieces, and European pop music, Andy has always gravitated towards the driving energy and the electrifying textures of electronic dance music.

His composition and production skills were honed through a series of stages through a remarkable musical journey. The first one began during his childhood, where Andy became a charting musician on the underground demo music scene at age 12 in his native Poland. Having released a number of tracks under the moniker “dSx! Design” Andy has produced music for a number of renowned groups, including TRSI and Freezers.

The next stage refined Andy’s top-notch compositional skills during his engagements with commercial music production for video games, commercials, and short films. Andy has produced music featured by Motorola and Kodak, and scored full soundtracks for video games such as “Warriors of Elysia” featuring rich orchestral arrangements and cross-genre instrumentations. 2009 culminated with his debut of masterfully composed album, “Reverie.”

The latest stage is about the return to the roots. Having produced Billboard charting sensations such as Sade Serena and Rachel Panay, Andy fires up the beats to release dynamic, energy-filled bangers crafted in the heat straight from Miami’s night life. He produces, remixes, composes, and records in his personal studio, Melodylab, located in sunny South Florida, USA.

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