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What is remixing?

Remixing is a creative process of creating a new version of your song to sound different. So why remix? Because different DJs and different radio DJs need different formats and a different sound of your song for their market. Remixing allows both the creative freedom to change the format/arrangement, and the overall sound to get the attention of the professional DJs and – in the end – the audience. For the purposes of our remixing project, we’re concerned with radio or nightclub play

Who is the copyright and master recording owner of the new remix?

Unless negotiated otherwise, you keep all of your copyright rights, and you will own 100% of the new master recording so you can collect via SoundExchange and performing rights organizations.

How long does it take to remix?

It usually takes about 3 weeks to complete the process, however each project is different. We’ll discuss your timeline when you begin your project and a rush option is available.

What do I get back?

Depending on the package you selected, you will get the following:

Standard remix package:
– Original club mix – extended version between 4-6 minutes; provided as a 44.1/16 bit WAV and 320 MP3 stereo version
– Mastering-ready version so you can choose your favorite mastering engineer; I can also provide you with a pre-mastered version for your personal use

Deluxe remix package:
– Everything in the standard package plus:
– Radio edit – up to 3:30s
– Dub version of the extended version between 4-6 minutes
– TV track based on the radio edit
– Mastering included: all tracks will be mastered, ready for showtime

How do we get started?

Just drop me a note below or an email to remix at with:

– the link to your original song
– a reference(s) to your favorite remixes

Why hire/pay you?

I have been producing commercial music for the past ten years, and if big brand names such as Motorola or Kodak can trust me, so can you. Not to mention the credibility through my industry peers, record labels, and the agencies I’ve worked with in the past – just google my name.

I deliver on time, and work with your release schedule. A few rounds of edits are expected. By working with me you’ll avoid the flakiness factor of working with remixers who will do it for free – but will they deliver on the promise, and when you need it? What will you do when it’s the 11th hour and the mix sounds off or you can’t even get hold of them?

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use a hybrid of digital software and high-end analog hardware to get the right sound. I will selectively choose the right combination for your vocals and instruments to make it sound its best.

Can I get a remix demo?

YES! If you’ve never worked with me, I can provide you with a FREE 30 second demo before making any payments

How do I prepare and deliver my music?

Record/bounce your song in interleaved 24bit and 44khz or higher (use native rate you work on), no dither or normalize. I will typically need only the individual stems for your vocals (lead, double, background, adlibs) plus your acoustic instrumentation. I will typically not need your drums. Please make sure that all of the stems begin and end at the same point. You can then deliver them as a single zip archive via any popular file transfer platform such as,, or any other.

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