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The Warriors of Elysia Project

Bikini Karate Babes 2 – Warriors of Elysia is a sequel of the game Bikini Karate Babes. Bikini Karate Babes is a 3D fighting video game that uses digitized graphics and high resolution, developed by Creative Edge Studios. It features an all-female cast of 18 fighters, all clad in bikinis and played by real actresses. Bikini Karate Babes 2 is a fighting game that takes real-life images and videos of beautiful girls and places them into a virtual environment where the characters fight to the death.

This new fighting game sequel features the swimming costume self-defense Babes. This sequel brings out much better image quality, soundtrack, visual effects, game play, martial arts, play modes, animation, and cut scenes. The game is a blast to play, and is visually stunning with its 3D game surroundings and live action characters. The graphics have been upgraded from 8-bit images to beautiful 24-bit images.

From the Soundtrack creator Andy Sikorski;
Creating the soundtrack for “Warriors of Elysia” was, at the time, the most challenging project I’ve ever undertaken. Travis Riggs, the creative director and music director for the project, has entrusted me with the creation of the full soundtrack consisting of 24 high-energy, unique sounding tracks fitting the different characters and environments in the game. This required an approach far beyond my typical comfort zone, where, in order to keep the experience throughout the game interesting and fresh, I needed to invent hybrids of musical styles such as heavy metal and classical music, hip-hop and traditional Arabic, techno and classical choirs.

The entire soundtrack had an orchestral undertone, with each track taking on a unique personality to fit the character it represented, and the visuals of the environment the character was set in. Much of the music was influenced by early renders of the 3D environments — they served as my personal inspiration.
One of the less obvious challenges in the creation of the soundtrack was the adherence to the 2:30 second limit. This time limit is the length of the fight, and as the fighters were getting closer to the end of the fight, I needed to up the energy of the soundtrack, and then bring it to the closure. This proved to be very challenging as each song had a different tempo and a different structure. With many trials and arrangement edits, I was, in the end, able to deliver edits that fit the 2:30 mark.

There are a few interesting bits of trivia I’d like to share with you.
1) In “Legend of Venus”, the deep, maniacal laughter is actually me. I wanted a slightly demonic-sounding laughter to enhance the feeling of the track, but I couldn’t find anything suitable in my library. I was wasting time looking for a sample that would fit the track – when I realized it would probably be faster just to record myself and plug it in. I lowered the pitch a little bit, and it worked perfectly
2) “Cassiopeia’s Hope” has been inspired by the beautiful sounds and music of Chris Huelsback’s Turrican 2. I grew up playing many video games on Amiga Commodore, and Chris’ music has always been original and memorable.
3) The choir sequences in “Elysian Quest” were influenced by an obscure Swedish death-metal band, Bathory. Also, if you hear closely, there is a sequence where the choirs actually sing “War-iors-of-el-yh-siah.”

All the characters’ names are based on goddesses of mythology, and each character’s traits correspond to that fact.
Cynthia Okula has been featured as Venus, Fawn Tran II and Meghan Jade Tarmey are fighting as TienWu and Athena, Mira Popova is performing as an Aphrodite. Bethany Ambrose and Mindy Ess has been introduced as Cassiopeia and Aurora. Tineke Kordell is acting as Maya. Ereka Weger and Dina Al-Sabah  has been introduced as Damia and Vesta. Stefanie Flowers is acting as Morrigan. Whitney Veach and Tiffani Webb are fighting as Buana and Isis. Role of Felicia and Raven has been acted by Corrie Anne Davidson and Brittany Puste. Eve Blangiardo has been executed as Aradia. Toni Russell and Honey Azul Williams are the Pink Bikini Squad member. Sarah Hunter has been featured as Puma.

Each character has a set of moves and combos, which can be performed by use of the directional buttons and the three basic attack buttons, Punch, Kick and Special. The Special button pressed alone produces a grab move which, unlike other fighting games, varies depending on the opponent.
The official release of the game in North America was June 21, 2011.